Friday, August 7, 2009

Private users activated again

Due to popular demand, private user vehicle sales are once again active on

Earlier this year, we experienced some quality control issues with regard to private car sales. As quality vehicles are paramount to us, we were forced to disable private user accounts indefinitely.

After a lot of brainstorming and development, we are now confident that we can successfully monitor private users in such a way as to maintain our high standards of quality vehicles.

All private listings created before August 1st 2009 have been deactivated. Should you wish to reactivate your private car listing, you will need to Edit the listing to ensure all information is correct and resubmit it.

Private listing of vehicles remains a FREE service.

Lindsay Saker cars available on is pleased to inform you that we have added the Lindsay Saker motor group to our daily stock feed.

With over 500 used cars for sale from over 20 dealerships across South Africa, this is a great boost to our vehicle stock.
The predominant brands associated with Lindsay Saker are Volkswagen and Audi.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cars Mobile Launched!

In keeping with the times, is proud to have launched our mobile portal. Simple and too the point, this version of our website allows users to quickly and easily search through our stock and communicate with dealers via a simplified form. The files are smaller and have been laid out with phone browsers in mind.

Now you can search our used car stock from anywhere, anytime. Simply visit on your mobile phone and you will automatically be redirected to the mobile version of our website.

What are you waiting for?

Improved car request system launched is proud to have launched our new improved car requests system.

Contrary to regular car request systems, we have opted for an automated approach.
The sheer number of car requests we have, coupled with the large volume of daily updated stock, meant that this was a formality.
Every morning we check each and every car request against this new stock, and notify users via email of any positive matches. This ensures that you are made aware of matches as they happen and puts you first in line to purchase your dream car!

Requests are active for one month at a time, but may be extended when this timeframe has expired.

Request your car now and let us find it for you! blog launched has been a leading player in the South African online used car market for a few years now and the brand has become a household name.
We have now undertaken to keep you, our loyal users, informed of changes we have made in our business as well as improvements we have made to the website in order to enhance your online shopping experience.

This blog is one of the many new initiatives we have launched to become more familiar with our users, keeping you informed and hopefully gathering constructive feedback from you.

Hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to hearing from you!