Thursday, March 22, 2012

The effects of car depreciation

Car depreciation

Car depreciation is a nasty reality, one which we as South Africans would much rather not talk about, but alas we cannot ignore it. Depreciation can cost us a lot of money over time and is something that needs to be addressed very seriously. While there is nothing one can do to stop one's car from decreasing in value over time, there are definitely ways to control the effects. 

Controlling car depreciation has put together a comprehensive article on the effects of car depreciation. This article looks at car depreciation as a whole, the factors affecting depreciation and what one can do as a car buyer to control the effects of car depreciation. It is a great read for anyone planning on buying a car in the near future.

More reading on car depreciation

Here are some other helpful resources on Car depreciation: - discusses car depreciation from an international perspective.  - 10 best and worst cars for car depreciation.


Car Depreciation is here to stay, hopefully with the aid of the above mentioned resources, we can get the best car value going forward.


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