Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The most fuel efficient car in South Africa

With today's focus on being "green", the fuel consumption of cars has rapidly come into the spotlight. Where consumers previously wanted the biggest high performance engines, there now seems to have been a general shift towards smaller engines, and even hybrid cars, with a view to not only reduce petrol cost, but also to do a little extra towards saving our environment from the clutches of global warming.

South Africa, while a little off the initial pace, is slowly following suit and beginning to place more and more importance onto the fuel efficiency of cars when purchasing. A hot topic on the Cars.co.za forum, this article sheds a little more light onto what the most fuel efficient cars in South Africa are:

Most fuel efficient cars in South Africa

When first launched the Toyota Prius was considered by many to be the ultimate hybrid vehicle and the father of the modern day hybrid car. Will it still maintain the top spot in the fuel efficiency department going forward? In 2010 it certainly did!

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