Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Volkswagen Cross Coupe concept

German car manufacturing giant Volkswagen has debuted  its new concept car the  VW Cross Coupe, which is a compact hybrid crossover SUV, at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The electric car is said to be able to cover 40km on electricity alone, powered by 2 electric motors. Typical of hybrid cars, there is also a 148hp / 110 kW petrol engine.

From the images, the car looks very unique, and I am unsure as to whether I love it or hate it. The dimensions seem all wrong, and at times I am not sure if I am looking at a SUV or a compact car, which I assume is the point. The car almost looks squashed at times. Though I must say, the longer I have looked at the pictures, the more the VW Cross Coupe has grown on me. It certainly looks sleek and powerful. Personally, though  unlikely that you will see this Volkswagen for sale any time soon, I think that by blending many different styles of cars together, both aesthetically and functionally, VW have stumbled onto what may in the future be a winner.

To read the full article, including images, of this new concept car, visit the following link: Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept

Looking for a car dealership in your area?

Finding the right dealership to buy your car from is important. As a consumer, you want to feel that your best interests are being looked after when it comes to price, quality and service.

Some users prefer to use our simple search facility to shortlist potential vehicles, contact the dealership though the website and then visit the physical dealer stand for viewing. Others prefer to deal with a single car dealer. By visiting our car dealers page, you may browse thousands of car dealerships nationwide, and view the stock of all participating dealers who advertise on has hundreds of dealer partners from across South Africa. These dealers make up the bulk of the used car stock which is advertised daily on the website.

Viewing car dealer stock online is a great way to not only find your car, buy also key negotiating information such as competitive prices, other dealership offerings etc.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to save money instantly with car refinancing

Car financing is a common enough practice in South Africa, where car buyers obtain a loan to purchase their car and pay the lender back over a period of time. The monthly installments are usually fixed, with a slight increase every year. This enables the buyer to get the car immediately and pay it off over a predetermined budget period.

Car refinancing (car financing's lesser know sibling), enables buyers to obtain a second loan after a period of time to pay off the balance of the initial loan. This leaves room for renegotiation of interest rates and usually a reduction in monthly loan installments.
Why is this so beneficial?
The major benefit is that by refinancing your loan, you are able to increase your monthly expendable income overnight, which, in times of financial difficulty can be a prayer answered. has compiled a comprehensive article on car refinancing, highlighting the advantages of refinancing, disadvantages of refinancing, requirements for refinancing and examples of how car refinancing can save you money.

Follow this link to view our article on: Car refinancing and see how you too can save money overnight on your car finance, then simply complete our car finance form to get a quote from our independent car finance provider.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

December new car specials launched

With Christmas around the corner, shopping becomes the order of the day., together with our dealer partners, has launched our new car specials for December to help you get that new car you have always wanted.
This month's specials include:
  • Buy a 2011 Volkswagen Polo 1.5 Comfortline for the price of a 1.4
  • Get an Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo plus from only R 3 779 per month
  • Drive a Citroen DS3 150 Turbo high pressure sport from R 261 900 incl VAT
  • Buy the new Suzuki Kuzashi from only R 295 000
  • Drive a 2010 Toyota Corolla 1.6 Professional from only R 3 865 per month
Plus, there are still a few days left to cash in on our November car specials. There is no time to lose! Start the festive season with a bang and treat yourself to your dream car at a great price!

Should I buy my new car from a dealership or a private seller?

Information is power, especially when making a major purchase like a new car.

The next article in the car buyers guide series has been released. This article covers the topic of whether to buy your next car from a car dealer or from a private seller. While the answer is purely subjective, the article discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of each form of purchase with the aim to helping each user make the right choice for themselves when buying a car. Though a lot of the main reasoning is well documented and well know, there are a couple of intricacies discussed, which are often overlooked by the hurried buyer.

To read the full article comparing buying a car from a dealer and a private individual in South Africa, follow this link to : Should I buy my car from a dealer or private seller

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Should I buy or lease my car?

We have recently launched a new article into our car buyers guide. This article, the first in the car buyers guide section, tackles the question of whether to buy or lease your next car.

The decision to buy or lease has many financial repercussions and is pivotal in determining where to look for you new car. Buying is a fairly common transaction in our South African society, but leasing is a term which is often misunderstood. To make this decision less daunting, the article defines both terms and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each form of purchasing.

If you are in the market for a car, are likely to be in the near future, or know of anyone who is looking to purchase a new vehicle, this article is definitely the first place to start.

Link to the full article buying vs leasing article : Buying vs Leasing a carLink to the Car buyers guide : The Car Buyers Guide

Car buyers guide launched

Buying a car inherently comes with many difficult decisions. Wrong decisions could result in the wrong purchase, and with cars being such a indispensable and yes, expensive, commodity, a wrong purchase is just not an option. has begun creating a car buyers guide which will take the consumer through the intricacies of the car buying process, with the goal of aiding our users find the right car. This 15 step process will enable users to make more confident buys, which should in turn result in better pricing. Once the buying process, or part thereof, has been successfully completed by the user, they will be able to use our online facility to find the car which matches their new-found criteria, making a one stop portal for all your car buying news.

Educating the our users is very important, and we hope that this will be the first step in providing valuable guides to South Africans.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 breaks the 17000 barrier has worked tirelessly over the past few months to ensure that our South African users now have even more choice when shopping for cars online than ever before. This hard work has resulted in CARS crashing through not only the 15,000 vehicle mark, but both the 16,000 and 17,000 vehicle stock marks as well. With a current number of 17,216 active cars for sale, there is definitely a car for everyone on the website.

This, however, is not the end of the line, as we continue to endeavour to acquire new stock daily in a quest to become the single most comprehensive car advertising website in the country. Look out 100,000 ... here we come!

There are also a number of other user enhancements planned in the near future, so stay tuned... you don't want to miss it.