Monday, March 29, 2010

A new Legend is born as Toyota introduces the Hilux Legend 40

As a sign, written in the stars, the first Hilux Legend 40 rolled of the production line on the same day that Chuck Norris celebrated his birthday.

- Hilux, the country’s top selling vehicle, celebrates 40 years in South Africa.

- Legend 40 adds visual appeal. This includes a Legend 40 roll bar, side steps, nudge bar and rear bumper with towbar all from high gloss stainless steel. Legend 40 decals and a special tonneau cover are also included.

- Very high level of interior specification include Legend 40 carpet set, full leather trim (including doors, steering wheel and gear knob), sound system, electric windows and alloy wheels.

- Range expanded to include two single cab models and seven double cab models. The Legend 40 range also covers 4x2 and 4x4 models.

- A limited production run will ensure the exclusivity and collectability of the Legend 40.

The Hilux Legend 40 builds on the success of the Hilux Legend 35, which appeared halfway through the first decade of the new millennium. The Legend 35 celebrated 35 years of Hilux market dominance and it carried those achievements proudly as a badge on its bull bar, roll bar and rear load bay.

Five years on, and forty years since first introduction, the Hilux remains the most popular and one of the toughest bakkies in the business. To be exact it ended 2009 as the country’s most popular vehicle choice, bar none. Built to the highest standards at Toyota’s Prospecton plant in KwaZulu-Natal it also represents South African build quality in other parts of the world.

Retail pricing

Single Cab

3.0D-4D 4X4 Raider R 334,900
3.0D-4D Raised Body Raider R 288,600
2.7 VVTi Raised Body Raider R 314,400
2.7 VVTi Raised Body Raider R 359,500

Double Cab

3.0D-4D Raised Body Raider R 406,600
3.0D-4D 4x4 Raider R 370,900
3.0D-4D Raised Body Raider AT R 417,900
4.0 V6 Raised Body Raider AT R 366,300
4.0 V6 4x4 Raider AT R 434,100

Source: Toyota

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