Sunday, February 19, 2012

Acura NSX Concept Car ... Wow

Acura (Honda) have taken their time in releasing a followup to the original Honda NSX. Many have begun wondering if they ever would. In December 2011 the announcement came that Acura were working on a concept car and in January 2012 this concept car was unveiled to the world... and what a concept car it would prove to be.

Though still in concept, which invariably means it will change completely, recent pictures of the Acura NSX from the Detroit motor show reveal a car which is jaw droppingly beautiful. Visually it is everything a sports car should be, showcasing a sleak, rounded chassis with beautiful curves, yet the front still appears mean, powerful and somewhat untameable. The back is simple and clean and while not stealing the show, it doesn't detract from the rest of the vehicles uber high standards. The NSX is beautiful to behold, certainly one of the nicest concept cars I have seen to date.

The two door coupe, made from the latest lightweight materials will carry a V6 mounted behind the seats and an electric motor making this car (rather surprisingly from the looks of it) a hybrid! The NSX is rumoured to have 3 electric motors and a new all wheel drive system. This is said to have incredible acceleration while maintaining extreme efficiency.

Production of the all new Acura NSX is not scheduled to begun until 2015, which gives us a long time to wait before we are able to see just what this amazing concept car will actually come out of the factory as.


  1. Although the production of the 2nd generation Acura NSX is scheduled in 2015, it will certainly garner public anticipation because of its Super Bowl commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. I personally like the clean-cut design of the car.

    Junior Perrera

  2. The detail on the front and rear bumpers of the Acura NSX concept car instantly caught my attention. Overall, the car looks cool and chic. It is easy to see it as a car of choice for young urban professionals. I will be looking forward for the release of this new car in 2015! I wonder how the people will receive it by that time!

    Tyra Shortino