Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Ford Mustang! What a beauty

Ford Mustang

There is something special about old school muscle cars. They exude both beauty and power. They represent freedom. Oh, and that's just looking at them. Driving one is another experience altogether, something that I hope everyone may experience in their lifetime.

I stumbled upon this article the other day: a tribute to muscle cars, and for a while I reminisced as I scanned the ample pictures of the Ford Mustangs of old. The final question was posed... Do you like old or new Ford Mustang? I think for me its a no brainer, old school is cool! Muscle cars for me will always be represented by the old school beauties, and while the new cars are lovely in their own regard, they do not hold the same nostalgic power over me.

I cant wait for the next muscle car day in South Africa, so that I can once more delight in the sights and sounds of good old school muscle cars, especially the Ford Mustang.

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