Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Collection options to avoid drinking and driving

South African drivers are often left with a very serious dilemma... How to get home after having a few drinks. With even stricter laws being enforced to keep our roads safe, having even a couple of drinks could result in large fines or even jail time. While this hard stance is very necessary from a safety point, it does throw a potential dampener on the festive season, as a spontaneous drink or two is out of the question... or is it?
With the advent of designated driver collection / taxi / chauffeur services, South Africans and their cars can now be collected from just about anywhere in the country after having a few too many. This solves the riddle of getting both yourself and your vehicle home safely after a night out. To find out more about these drunk driver collection services, visit Cars.co.za's article post : Designated driver services in SA. The article fully discusses the procedures, costs and benefits of such services, as well as providing a lost of some of the major chauffeur services available in South Africa.
With options like this available, there really is no excuse left to drink and drive. Lets make South Africa's roads safer!

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