Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Breeker to car connection (Part 1)

Breekers may come under many different names in various countries across the world, but the South African Breeker is really quite special. There are many things that make a Breeker special but at the forefront is the Breeker-car connection.

How to spot a Breeker

In the Breekers natural habitat (a car), there are a few tell-tale signs that separate a potential Breeker from any other person or driver on the road. And while any of these signs on their own is not enough to label the driver a Breeker, the combination of the lot is what truly does it.

1. Luminous under car lighting

This car addition does seem to be quite rare these days compared to how popular it was a few years back. It is however quite a consistent tell that the driver of said ‘luminous lit’ car is a Breeker.

2. Head half way out the window

head out windowA Breeker will drive with his head almost completely out of the window. This is done in order for his chirps to be sufficiently audible to passers-by that have no doubt done something wrong, are wearing something wrong or are simply just wrong and are in need of informing of their “wrongness” courtesy of said Breeker

3. Tiny racing steering wheel

It’s quite possible to get this one wrong by being just slightly wrong with the wheel size. A medium sized racing steering wheel simply won’t do. The Breeker-determing factor is all in the car size to steering wheel ratio, the bigger the car, the smaller the steering wheel. You can pick up this one from Autostyle

autostyle racing steering wheel

4. Driver seat tilt

A true Breeker will position the driver seat tilted so far back that it can sometimes look like there is no driver in the car at all. This feature can sometimes look like a contradiction to point 2, but a true Breeker will transition effortlessly from fully reclined into head out the window when the situation calls for such action.

* Continues in Part 2

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