Monday, November 2, 2009

Jo’burg to Durban holiday tips (Part 2)

Speed cameras

The festive season means that the roads will be crazy and packed with drivers. The Natal region always employs a zero tolerance policy during this time and the speed cameras are out in full force. There are a massive amount of cameras on the Jo’burg to Durban road these days; a lot more than last year even. Any time the highway goes past a town, its 80km/h and like always Van Reenens is also 80km/h.

If you do happen to get caught, head over to to sort it out.

How to transport your surfboard down to the coast for all those Jo’burg surfers who have surfboards and yet for some reason don’t live at the coast and have to make long trips lugging their boards every few months to get their surfing fix …

I realize this section probably won’t apply to most people but if you are silly enough to be a surfer living in Jo’burg, you deserve some love. Assuming you don’t drive a huge 4x4 and are able to just throw the boards inside, or on the already provided roof racks, there are two options.

The custom roof rack

Thule load carrier

This option is quite pricy, but it’s the best way to go about it, assuming you can afford it. There are many options but Thule offer a really nice rack they call the load carrier. What’s nice is that they literally fit onto any car and are the real deal. It will set you back quite a bit, but the rack is useful for carrying anything really so you likely won’t regret the purchase.

The Island Style travel racks

Island Style travel rax

This option is way cheaper at around R300 it seems like a steal. The rack simply ties in through the car doors and is strapped down tight. You can pick one up any most surf stores or order one online at Atlantic surf. Keep in mind though that they can be very noisy if you haven’t tied it in properly. Also if it starts to rain, the water collects on the straps on the outside and filters through inside the car, which really really sucks.


Remember that at its core, the real meaning and purpose of the December holiday is to irritate the Durban locals. There is nothing better than seeing a car-park full of GP number plates, and a swarm of rowdy Jo’burgers turning, what used to be a peaceful beach town, into their own personal pool party.

So pack your bags and hit the road. See you on the beach!

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