Thursday, May 20, 2010

BMWs new energy and environmental test center

BMW have constructed a specialty environmental test center in order to ensure all of their vehicles can operate properly under numerous different conditions. In previous times many of these tests had to be conducted in different areas that had varying temperatures and weather conditions but now they can all be conducted within the test center. The tests are to ensure that rain does not inhibit full breaking power, snow must not adversely effect the engine and extreme heat should not overtax the cooling system.

The test center can simulate all the necessary environmental conditions that the cars need to be tested against. Including, precipitation, head, cold, humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind. The test center is made up of 3 wind tunnels and 2 chambers. The wind tunnels include a climatic wind tunnel, a thermal wind tunnel and a environmental wind tunnel. The chambers include an altitude test chamber and a cold test chamber.

Previously there was always a decision to be made whether to test the car with a test drive or test facility. Now BMW can combine the best of both worlds and have their cars drive through the test facility and under all the varying different conditions in just 8 hours.

Source: BMW

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