Monday, May 31, 2010

Opel Astra takes home multiple awards as Opel is named Most innovative brand

The new Opel Astra along with the new Opel Meriva took home multiple awards in this years Plus X Award 2010. With multiple wins in a number of categories Opel was then named the Most innovative brand of 2010 in the automotive sector.

The Plus X Award is noted as being the worlds largest contest for technologies, sport and lifestyle products. All awards given out in this competition are decided by a jury of 144 members from a number of different countries across the globe.

The new Opel Meriva took home awards for innovation, design, functionality and ergonomics. While the Astra won in the categories of: design, functionality and ergonomics. Both models then also won "Best Product of the year 2010" in their respective categories.

This is a big boost to Opel, with their new lineup of models being strengthened by these awards. The new Opel Meriva and Astra are already causing quite a stir and should prove to be very popular among new and used car buyers alike.

Source: Opel

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