Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kelley Blue Book names its coolest cars under $18k

Kelley Blue Book, or just KBB for short, has long been the trusted source for book values for new and used cars. They have no recently released their list of what they believe are the coolest cars for under $18k which works out to around R144 000. Although you cant take that at face value, as the actual cost of the car once it has reached our shores it a lot more than that, but anyway, back to the list!

What exactly makes a car cool according to KBB? They take into consideration that x-factor, with emphasis on cool to own as well as cool to drive. This is obviously a very subjective list but they tried to not just consider the normal safety issues and the like but rather which cars are the most fun. While the list consisted of their top 10, here are the top 5, as no one really bothers with anything worse than 5th on a list anyway.

• 1 2011 Ford Fiesta
• 2 2010 Honda Civic
• 3 2010 Honda Fit
• 4 2010 Hyundai Elentra Touring
• 5 Kia Soul

Once again the 2011 Ford Fiesta comes up tops. Its great price tag along with its sporty and fun looks seem to be make it a favourite the world over. That added to its great fuel economy and style and you have an extremely well made car.

Source: Kelley Blue Book

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