Thursday, June 16, 2011

The new way to trade in your used car

The car buying process is often made up of two parts - buying a new car and selling your current car. Whilst there is endless joy in the process of finding and purchasing a new vehicle, the second part is often met with less enthusiasm. Ridding yourself of your second hand car is often a chore. Selling your car privately, especially in our South African society, can be time consuming and dangerous and many people opt for the quick and painless option of trading in their car to the dealer from whom they purchase their new car. While convenient, the trade in value for the car is usually way under value and due to lack of options, the user is forced to take this reduced price.
Technology, however, is changing the way car trade ins work, by allowing the user to access a larger dealer market and enabling them to "bid" on the car. This allows the seller the convenience previously afforded by trading in, but also the competitive market of multiple buyers. Still, one will never quite get the price possible if selling privately, but its a step in the right direction!

To obtain an obligation free trade in quote, or to begin the trade in process, visit the used car trade in page now!


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