Sunday, June 5, 2011

Twitter Blanket Drive supported by

The Twitter Blanket Drive #TBD is a South African charity initiative started be Melanie Minnaar, with the aim of providing warmth to the less fortunate during the colder months. A simple concept, fueled by passion and love, has turned into a great national event, where thousands of twitter users have come together over the platform to support the cause.

Tweet-ups were hosted across the country, where tweeps could drop off a blanket and have a cup of coffee and a chat. took time out from the usual Car Sales to support this worthy cause, both my promoting the event and donating blankets in our corporate capacity.

This is a wonderful example of how we can use technology to come together and help build a better country, and I salute the TBD, its founders and supporters for making a positive difference!

Support the TBD and lets help make South Africa a warmer place to live this winter! Twitter Blanket Drive Press Released
Twitter blanket drive official site

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